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Call Me L

L the Third
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For Virelai Manor rp.

Character's full name: Nate River Near
Character's age: 19
Fandom of character: Death Note
Character background:
The current L, as of the June 2010.

An orphan brought up in Wammy's House, he quickly became the prime candidate for L's successor, upsurping Mello's original position. This, of course, made him rather unpopular with the blond, and they became bitter rivals. His stand-offish attitude doesn't make him any more endearing, neither does the fact that he's the younger of the two.

By nature, he'd always been quiet, but his time in Wammy's merely encouraged his anti-social behaviour by encouraging paranoia and wariness, as well as causing the only person he could speak to on the same level to hate him to the bone.

While aiming to succeed L is the goal of all of the Wammy kids, Near developed a disdain for L after hearing of the man's death. His focus is always on the results more than any process; a very cold and calm person on the outside. Death = failure.

He is averse to changes and new experiences, preferring comfort and having things in his control. In some ways, he's surprisingly childish (probably working out repressed feelings). He likes playing with toys, especially figurines, and is quite adept at craftwork as well. He also enjoys putting together puzzles.

Said to be one closest to L in terms of ability, except that he's even less able to interact with people and less inclined to action, so he works best with a team supporting him.

After L's death, he became the official successor after Mello left. He went on to finally proving that Yagami Light = Kira, thus avenging L with Mello's help, coming to the conclusion that by working with Mello could they surpass L. Of course, by then Mello was dead.

After the Kira incident ended, Near took up the mantle of L, and developed a love for chocolates. His scale of his toy collection increased by a lot as well.

(Just as a matter of interest,

14 1 5 18 3rd L
N E A R 3rd L

Nothing fancy, probably something you'd learnt in primary school.)